August 6, 2011

Piggin' Out

Leave it to me to find a way to eat unhealthily while going vegetarian for a a few days. The last couple of days have not been my proudest moment but they, I'll move on from them. On the other hand, I did stick to being meatless. I just had a major hankering for some sweets.

So, here's the good and the bad. I ended up going back to the store to grab a couple of things that I didn't know I was running out of when I went shopping last week. This means I have spent entirely too much money at the grocery store for one paycheck.  While I was there, with my ridiculous sweet tooth, I said "I'll get me some cake." Then, instead of a whole cake, I settled on half a cake. Then, instead of half a cake, I got a small cheesecake...none of the above was a good choice, but I am happy to say that I only have had 1 slice of the cheesecake and its been in my fridge for almost 3 days now.  The other thing I did was buy some fruits to make some sweet baked treats, but make them a little healthier than if I bought them pre-made from the store. The best thing I've made so far? Something that I'm calling Blue Bonnets. I'll post the recipe for that later but I just wanted to come on here and fess up to the not so good food choices that I made the past couple of days.

In other news, I'm thinking that this vegetarian thing may go a little longer than originally intended, for a few reasons. One: My hair looks better and is shinier and feels better. Two: this little slip up, or poor choice stint is liable to happen more often than not, but the fact that I went through it and didn't eat anything that I said I wasn't going to eat and worked to find a way to cater to a craving without going overboard is saying something for my efforts. So sticking with it longer would certainly be to my benefit. Three: Out of all of this money I have spent on food, I haven't done any frivolous shopping...that's always a plus. So if spending more money on food that good for me leads to me making better choices on how I spend my money and sticking to that curse word "budget" that can't be wrong right? And finally, for tonight, Four: I have only had one bad bout with heartburn and acid reflux in seven days! I have had an issue with those two devils for more years than I care to count due to an condition that I have. So all things point to good for this first week of going veggie/meatless and I look forward to what next week will bring. I have some kale that I need to cook up before it goes bad.

Good night people!

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