June 18, 2012

My Transition Lessons: You don’t need to spend a lot on products

One of the constant things heard from people who were transitioning, or even fully natural, both on FB & on YouTube was that they were “going broke” while going natural.  They were buying products for natural hair and in the midst of that, learning how expensive natural hair products can be.  I will admit, there are some products for natural hair that are quite pricey and can put a major dent in your wallet, but you don’t have to buy them.

I started my journey using the products I had already in my hair closet. I didn’t buy a new product until about 9 or 10 months into my transitioning journey.  Here’s the major obstacle to overcome when thinking about buying hair products:
a.       Products do not grow your hair.
There is no magic product you can buy that will make your hair grow any faster than its going to grow
b.      Products can affect your journey.
There are products that you can use that can help you retain length and prevent breakage. Ultimately, though, how your handle your hair will determine how well your hair responds to transitioning and detangling while transitioning.
c.       Just because it says its for natural hair doesn’t mean its for YOUR natural hair.
Don’t succumb to buying expensive products just because they say they are for natural hair.  That is not a guarantee that it will work for your hair or that your hair will like the product at all (see my post on the Miss Jessie’s line).

So my biggest piece of advice based on my own journey is to begin where you are.  Start with products you already own.  See how they work, THEN branch out, if needed, based on how your hair responds.

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