July 10, 2012

Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

Oh my goodness! I told myself that I would not go overboard for this semi-annual sale because I still have PLENTY of products from the last one. I probably have enough from the last sale to make it through 2014 if I don't gift any of it. But, of course, being the person that I am, I couldn't let the sale go by and not buy anything.

Not buying anything turned into buying a lot of things! First of all, the lesson I learned this year: SHOP ONLINE!!!!! I don't know why I didn't know this already. I mean, I lived and read off of Amazon.com my entire college career and a few years after that because that was really the only way I could afford to buy books. But I have never done the BBW SA Sale online before this year.  What made me decide to do it? The sale started a day early online! So I told myself I would get in, get out and no one (like my pocketbook) would get hurt. I lied. LOL. My favorite fragrance was available online, but was not in the store at all and it was discontinued about 3 years ago. So I bought a lot of that.  Then one of my favorite hand soap scents was brought back online and in the store. So I bought a lot of that. Then I found another discontinued fragrance that I'd totally forgotten about and it was heaven way back when. So I bought a lot of that.

I take it you see the pattern folks.

Add to that the wallflower scents (because all that Cinnamon and Clove Bud I bought last year was a bust! I'll only buy the oil for the diffuser from here on out because the wallflowers do not give off enough of a scent to make a difference to the aromatic ambiance of my house) and you get another SA sale with a lot of products. I'm not complaining though. LOL. I'll stay away from the one in December...

Yeah right.

So, here's a listing of what I got. I'll keep the quantities to myself.

Body Lotions
Brown Sugar and Fig (discontinued, online only)
Juniper Breeze (discontinued, online only)
Cool Citrus Basil (discontinued, online only)
Aruba Coconut
Rio Rumberry
Mali Mango
True Blue Spa monoi oil lotion

Shower Gels
Brown Sugar and Fig (discontinued, online only)
Juniper Breeze (discontinued, online only)
Cool Citrus Basil (discontinued, online only)
Mali Mango
True Blue Spa Shea butter shower cream

Hand Soaps (foams and gels)
Fresh Lime Basil
Apple Lavender
Eucalyptus Mint
Aqua Blossom
Strawberry Basil
Wildberry Dahlia
Mango Mai Tai
Paradise Coconut

Caribbean Escape
Market Peach
Cool Citrus Basil (discontinued, online only)
Clean Mist
Fresh Linen
Brilliant Citrus
Pineapple Orchid
Pink Sangria

If you notice the trend, you can tell that I love the basil scents. What can I say, basil & rosemary are my two most favorite herbs..I go overboard.

Of course, you don't have to go this far overboard on the sale, but if I had some restraint, I seriously could go a solid 2 years, at least, without buying shower gel or lotion. The only thing I would have to purchase on the next sale would be the hand soaps because I wash my hands a LOT.

But like I said...that would be if I had some restraint.

I will say this, Bath and Body Works shipping is the BOMB! I mean, super awesome. Two of my orders were received before the first projected delivery date. Like, one was ordered on a Tuesday and received by the following Monday. Another was ordered on a Wednesday and received by that Friday!!!! I mean, that rocks! Not many companies of that size will get you your product within 7 days of your original order if you only do standard shipping.  Even Amazon has slacked up on its delivery speed and ships closer and closer to the last date in the given shipment window.  So, I may be doing the majority of my BBW shopping online from now on.


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