March 21, 2013

Bye Bye Winter :(

I am soooo not ready for spring!

Yes, spring is the time that hair can be worn out.  It begins the time of year that hair can go out wet and folks won't look at you like you're crazy.  It's warmer weather & time at the park and evenings walking the dog.


I'm not in a hurry for Spring because after Spring comes Summer and with Summer comes storms and heat...and, hot as hell heat!!! It'd be one thing if Spring came and went straight to fall; then it wouldn't get so hot as the season went on.

But since I can't stop time, and can't keep it Winter forever, I will say farewell to Winter. I will miss your cold days & frigid nights. The quality time spent with my toasty space heater. The nights covered by warm sheets and pretty comforters.  The crocheted hats & scarves. The legwarmers I have yet to finish. I will miss you dearly.

Hello to my oscillating fans, thin sheets, allergies, sweat and heat rashes. You suck, but I must deal with you...

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