April 12, 2013

The Meatloaf

Ok, I know what some people may think...

Meatloaf is boring...
Ugh! It's so thick...
It can be so dry...


I love meatloaf.  And to be honest, I make a meatloaf using the same kinds of ingredients I use for burgers...but to me, its sooo much better as a meatloaf.

What did I use? You should recall from my lasagna post that I used 1/2 lb each of beef & pork.  Well, here are the other halves.

1/2 lb ground beef
1/2 lb ground pork
1 egg white
1/4 onion
charred pineapple relish (Harry & David...get on it!)
2 or 3 petite carrots
Cayenne Pepper

I blended the onion - EVOO in my Ninja blender to make a little puree of it all.
I mixed together the meat, egg white & breadcrumb. 
Then I added in the puree and folded all of it together.
Then I turned it all over into an ungreased loaf pan.
Baked at 350 (or maybe 375) for...I don't know how long. I was reading while it cooked. I did baste it a couple of times using its own juices.
I ended up doing that one-handed because I had a ring on & totally forgot to take it off.
And the loaf pan I used was stoneware.

Here's the finished product:

I chose to baste it because I used the charred pineapple relish, which is sweet with a kick because its got jalapenos in it, and I wanted some of that to help the meat brown up all pretty-like.

Now, I have made this same meatloaf recipe using ground chicken and ground turkey.  The only difference is that I use a little bit more oil, because ground poultry doesn't have as high an oil content as ground beef or pork. Even lean ground beef or pork has more oil in it than ground poultry.

I have also made it using other kinds of relishes.  I love Harry & David so I keep their relish in stock as much as I can. I have used their Vidalia onion relish & their pepper and onion relish.  It's all good!

So that was this week. Who knows what will be done next.


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