June 6, 2013

Long Hair

For maybe the second time in my life, I can say that I have long hair.  And the length of it today is longer than it ever reached when I was perming my hair.

If you saw my length check video, you can see the growth in my hair from March 2012 to March 2013, I never thought my hair could grow so much in a year. I am absolutely amazed by it. But now that my hair is longer, there are some changes that have come into affect.

Change #1

I get a lot more single-strand knots. 

At first, I thought I was getting them because my hair needed to be trimmed, or I was not taking enough time with my detangling. However, the mane was trimmed & I have gone back to my patient, time-consuming detangling routine and I'm still getting them.  So, of course I did a YT search to see if other naturals were or had experienced the same thing. Yup. I am not alone.  The difference I have seen is that some elect not to trim theirs out and others do trim them.  I am of the trimming persuasion. My hair is so tightly coiled in its natural state that those single-strand knots increase my tangles and lead to me spending a lot of time on 4-5 strands of hair, trying to reduce the tangle to the smallest knot before I cut it out.  Most times, I can get it down to the single strand. Other times I am not so lucky. And for a scissorphobe with designs on longer hair, having to cut out more than 1 strand just hurts my feelings. LOL. But I get over it because it's best for the overall health of my hair.

Change #2
Detangling is (gasp) EASIER!!!
What do I mean??? My hair is longer now, so its heavier.  That weight, I'm thinking, is making the tangles fall further down my strands if I detangle while my hair is wet.  Now, I still have trouble spots.  For example, the hair closer to my roots at the crown of my head still manage to cram together like they're vying for the same spot in a cover photo. But overall, the detangling if much easier and faster.  When my hair was shorter, it could take up to 40 minutes to detangle with a comb. Finger detangling was out of the question!!! But now, all I do is finger detangle and I can get my hair wash regimen completed in an hour and 30 minutes...and that includes deep conditioning!!!
Change #3
Bye-Bye mini-twists
Mini-twists are an absolute no-no now.  It's too time consuming.  Both twisting and taking them down. The detangling after the take down is a pain in the arse!!! I end up frustrated and careless so I feel like I'm doing more damage to my hair than good, therefore removing the benefit of doing the mini-twists in the first place.  So I'm graduating to medium twists. Mini is no longer allowed in my hair vocabulary.
Change #4
My scalp....my poor scalp
The final change really has nothing to do with my hair.  I think its more related to the weather. My issues with my scalp are back with a vengeance. So I'm back to frequently oiling my scalp with my oil mix and even using Sulfur 8 a few times a month to try and get it back under control.  I'll be doing that for the duration of the summer.  If you are anti-grease, the idea of this will not appeal to you. Oh well. Grease has never done me wrong. With my eczema and dry skin/scalp issues, I will do what I can so that my freshly cleaned scalp doesn't look flaky 2 days after I washed it.  I'm also thinking that some of my issues may be damage from years of perms. Nothing I can do but work on and with it.
So, what are my hair plans for spring/summer? I don't know yet. I'm not sure yet.  I'm thinking I may go back to doing more cowashing and lay off the shea butter for a few months and stick to the coconut oil other light oils that would be easily washed out using conditioner only.  But time will tell.
That's all for now folks. I would like to send out a mighty THANK YOU to all of you who are reading my blog.  I love coming on here and seeing how many people have taken a peek at what I have to say. So if you've been reading from the start: Thank you. To my lovely subscribers: THANK YOU!! If you are reading for the 1st time: Thank you!! I hope you all are enjoying reading theses posts as much as I enjoy doing them.

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