July 23, 2013

Been M.I.A.

But not really though.

Here's what I'm struggling with folks: My hair regimen is pretty solid & hasn't been causing any issues, so I haven't had to change it.

I'm still working my way through my products and not buying any products, so I haven't made anything new to share with you all yet.

My book videos & posts have not done well here at all, so I can see that those of you who read my blog (and I thank you for reading) are not interested in that aspect of my activity so I've stopped posting my BookTube videos here, even though I am still recording and posting videos on YouTube.

So that leaves me with the question of what to present to those of you who have been so wonderful about following my blog, when the original purpose of this blog has become more of a routine (thus repetitive) and less something new.

I have some things in the works to share, but they aren't ready yet. And some other things I'm like...nah, I'm not talking about that. Or at least not yet. So I'm working on it people. I'm still here. I just don't have a lot to say that hasn't already been said right now.

But I'm here!


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