March 15, 2011

O-Kay, I'm doing it!

Kinky twists are out! I am now rocking my hair. I had planned to participate in the Take Back Your Hair Challenge that Protecting Your Crown & Glory initiated at the beginning of this month but after seeing some of the limitations of having my hair out, I don't know if I will be able to. Issue number one: During the course of the three month challenge I would only be able to use direct heat (blow dryers, flat irons, curlers) twice! The problem: My flat ironed hair looks amazing thanks to my 9 months (today) of newgrowth.  Truth be told, there are two styles that are garanteed to work on this transitioning head of mine: flat ironed & bumped or a rollerset. Twistouts look a hot mess, braid outs look as bad as the twist outs. I have not tried a bantu knot out yet but that has more to do with lack of technique on my end than not.

Still, why is it an issue that I can only do heat styling twice? Well, I'm trying to incorporate exercise (Lord knows I need it) back into my lifestyle, and one of the things that I have heard repeatedly is that it is best to rinse the sweat out of my hair after working out. So, I flat iron my hair then work out, which means I sweat (hello some curls). Then, I rinse my hair to rid it of the salty sweat (hello all curls). Then I have to either rollerset and wait for my hair to dry, or towel dry and flat iron...guess what's going to win, lol.

Now I know that flat ironing/heat styling my hair daily is not a good thing, and I wouldn't have to necessarily do it daily, but certainly more than 2x in 3 months. I could even do 2x a mo, which is an EXTREME change for my usual routine, and I think that would be the best alternative for me, to work my way down from heat styling gently as opposed to cold turkey...a 60 day recovery program, lol.

But, to bring this to a close, I do love the way my hair looks and feels now that I am transitioning. I love the texture that my curls have.
I know that is subject to change as time goes on and as I trim/chop my processed hair. But I and enjoying what I have and taking the steps to continue enjoying it. I feel confident that I will be able to keep myself going on this journey and keep a positive head. I know that it may not necessarily get easier and that is OK. As healthy as my hair looks and feels right now, it is oh so worth it to see what its going to be when I am brave enough to do the big chop.

Oh, get this! My processed hair is a lighter shade of brown than my natural hair! I've NEVER colored my hair in my life! I've always been scared it would break off from the chemical process. I don't know if I'll ever do it, but for how, my hair is colorful! lol

So, until next time!  Be blessed!

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