April 8, 2011

Product Haul!

So this is my first haul post! I'm kind of excited to have the chance to do one. I'm sure there will be many others as time goes on. These are all products that I have purchased, with my own money, within the last two months. I am not being paid to review any of these products (I've heard/read other people say this...figured I'd throw it in for good measure).  I haven't used all of the products yet, so I will only be speaking on what I have used so far and I will list the rest.

Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste sculpting shine pomade by Curls
How can I put this nicely?  I hated it!!! It felt like gunk on my ends when I used it on a roller set and it felt gunky on my edges when I used it to smooth them down. I don't know how I feel about the smell either. It has a sweet smell to it, but it also smells a little plastic.  Had I known it was going to feel like that, I would not have spent the money to buy it.  Having said that, because I did spend $11 on it, I am going to hold on to it until after I do my BC to see how it holds up against strictly natural hair.  My processed hair can be a little fickle and also because it is so thin and damaged in some areas, it doesn't respond well to some products. So, all hope is not lost for this product...but I won't be using it for a couple of months.

The Tangle Teaser
I fell into the hype. Something I often try not to do, and bought this tool because I heard so many people rave about how well it worked on their transitioning hair.  That was music to my ears as someone who spends a lot of time detangling and trying not to break and damage hair that is already fragile.  So, I went shopping for it...it took a trip to three different Sally's before I was able to find one.  The verdict....loved it!!! It does a great job detangling which is what it is supposed to do.  I do have the same issue that some others have had when detangling in the shower with it slipping/flying out of my hand, but other than that, Love it.  What I have ended up doing is using my big tooth comb for shower detangling and the tangle teaser when I'm detangling after I'm done washing my hair.

Eco Styler Gel with Olive Oil
I finally bought it, after not even knowing it existed and it has a really good hold! I was surprised to find that, at least where I bought mine, there was no Eco Styler w/Olive Oil that had a softer hold.  All the containers available had the max hold of 10.  That's okay though, because I do have another Eco brand gel that I have used for years that has a softer hold of 7.  So that just means I'll be using both products depending on the style. I was surprised at how well and how quickly the Eco w/Olive Oil brought out the curls of my natural hair!  I currently have my hair slicked back on the sides, pulled to the back in a ponytail with a roller set on top (a variation of a style I saw on Youtube by prettydimples).  I used the Eco w/olive oil to slick the hair back and in some parts had to pull out the brush to de-accentuate the curls!  I've seen people use just the Eco on the youtube vids, but never thought it would happen that fast on my hair...wrong! I'm not complaining, I'm looking forward to the wash & go's I will do after I BC.

The other items I bought were little $0.99 testers of Palmers Olive Oil Formula Gro Therapy and ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion.  I have yet to use either of these products because I don't want to mix up regimens so I can get a true reading on what does and doesn't work on my hair after long periods of use.  I have oil and tee tree oil treated sleep cap also. I haven't used that yet because I was sleeping in rollers for a few nights. I also bought a little spray bottle that was just too cute (and had a blue top). If its blue I gotta buy it!

Currently, I am using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner.  I think I like my Dove Intensive Repair better for what it does for my hair. My hair comes out feeling softer after using Dove vs "doing the Herbal." I'm not going to toss them, I'll probably be out of the conditioner in a couple of co washes because I have to use a lot to get the job done when detangling and I bought the smaller bottles (they were like 2 for $5 on sale at Target).  I'm also using ORS Hair Fertilizer, though not as often as it says you should simply because I have been doing roller sets and the less you fuss with that, the better. So I am going to use continue to use that for a few months before trying the Palmer's gro therapy so I can make an true determination of which product works better.  For shine I've been using ORS Nature's Shine. I got a tester of it during a natural hair seminar/gathering and loved the results I got after using it for about 2 weeks so I bought the real deal....$5.

I do grease my scalp. I know there are many naturals who are opposed to this but as I have dry skin & scalp issues as well as some eczema issues, I use Sulfur 8 Light on my hair very lightly. I don't plop it in like a salve, but I do need that for my scalp. When I don't use it or even the Bronner Bros. extra lite I have severe itching and flaking...and that's just not attractive.

So I think that's it for this product haul. I'm still enjoying the journey and learning to be more daring and experiment with my hair more. Go me! Until next time...PEACE!

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