April 11, 2011

Responses to Me Going Natural

For the past month I have been rocking my transitioning hair.  I have only used heat for stying once (BIG change!) and I have been wearing heat-free roller sets in variations for a solid month.  I was a little anxious about doing this because I didn't know how I was going to like it, much less how other people where going to like it. But its been a month and I have gotten great responses to my journey from friends and family. I know it shouldn't matter what other people think about me going natural or if they approve of my choice, but it does.  So I'm happy that people like my mom, my siblings and some of my close friends are supporting me and are liking what they see so far.  If they didn't like it, I'd still be doing it, don't get it twisted, but it does make the journey less stressful when those you care about are supportive of what you are doing.  Even my mom said it was making her think a little more about my decision after she trimmed my ends for me and saw the result of my flat ironed hair.

Then, this past weekend I went to visit some of my family who haven't seen me in transitioning state and they all gave me rave reviews and the consensus is that I look younger....PLUS! So, once again, I'm going to try doing a twist out with the edges curled and I'll see how this goes. If it is a fail...I'll be rocking another roller set. At least I know that style works and works well

So, thanks to http://www.glorycrown.blogspot.com/ and her bringing back the "Take Back Your Hair Challenge" I am doing something I didn't think I could do...styling my hair, heat-free and treating my hair well. I can honestly say that I'm taking good care of my hair, the naps and the processed ends and as a result of that, it looks damn good!

Yay me!!!

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