May 24, 2011

Fuzz Is NOT the Enemy!

Ok, so, of course, this whole natural journey has me thinking about matters of hair a little differently.  Today, I am dealing with some fuzz. Not frizz...fuzz.

When I was processing my hair, the slicker the hair, the better. If it didn't lay just right, then something was wrong or off with how I was doing my hair or what I was doing to my hair. I didn't have fuzz when I was processed and for the most part, I haven't had an issue with fuzz since I've been transitioning.  Thanks to the styles I've been doing over the last nine months, there hasn't been much opportunity for fuzz to present itself and by the time it did, it was time for me to wash my hair anyway or I would refresh my roller/rod sets to eliminate the issue.

Today, however, I am wearing (I can't say "rocking" because I'm slapping a hat on this head when I leave the house) twists in the back with flat twists in the front.  Guess what! I have some fuzz at the roots.  My first inclination was to pull out my big container of Eco Styler and slick that mess down, but then I thought better of it as I realized that fuzz may be unavoidable at some times and I have to become okay with that.  I think if I learn to embrace my fuzz that I will have an easier time in the future of embracing "big hair."  I still have an aversion to the 'fro.

So, I swallowed my desire to slap some gel on it as well as the thought to re twist the twists that have a little fuzz at the roots. Wearing my own hair in twists is absolutely brand new to me, but I'm going to do it more often because I need to be doing more protective styles for my hair, especially on days when I don't have to make an appearance in public for an extended time period.  I have been experiencing a little more breakage than normal over the past couple of weeks and I am sure that has more to do with my having my hair out and not protecting my ends more. Many people would attribute it to not chopping off my processed hair but I disagree because I have done a good job of preserving my ends, save for the normal shedding, up to this point.  I will see how these protective styles go over the next few weeks but I am hoping for & expecting great results.


B^3 Beauty by Brittany said...

You're definitely right some fuzz just comes along with being natural. Personally I like a little fuzz at the roots, because I love volume. :)

Tee Eee said...

Thank you for that! I'm learning to embrace the fuzz and the volume. I'm learning I'm learning!