May 26, 2011


The short version of this post is this: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration is NOT for me!!!!

The long version: Keep reading...

I am learning my hair...and its exciting me! I used to think that it was a little...weird to hear people say that they were masters of their hair.  Of course they  should be since it is, after all, on their head. I mean, who else would master it?! But after a few months on this journey, I can say it is quite real. If that makes me weird I guess I can just add that to a pretty long list.

As I am sure I stated in my product haul post, I have not bought many new products because I am determined to use what I have in stock already first.  Save the Herbal Essences, ORS deep conditioner, I have not bought any new shampoo or conditioner products.  So, what I have been using weekly to wash my hair has been an EVOO pre-poo, either overnight or for a few hours prior to washing, and the Dove Intensive Repair line of shampoo and conditioner.  Using this regimen has left my hair feeling healthy and...supple.  When I used the Hello Hydration this past weekend, still doing a pre-poo treatment, I could tell before washing the shampoo from my hair that the line was not for me.  My hair felt stringy and dry, even though it was saturated with product and water.  It didn't feel much better after using the conditioner either so I styled my hair as needed for the weekend, but later in the week, I co-washed to get it back to itself.  I don't know what I'm going to do with the product. I could use the conditioner on my dog (seriously, I used to condition her with Thermasilk) and it would be great for her fur, but I have almost a whole bottle of shampoo left. Oh well, I guess, but that is precisely why I was determined not to purchase new products willy nilly as soon as I started.

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