July 12, 2011

Product Review

Typically, I would follow the directions of many YouTubers that I have heard over the past few months in reference to doing product reviews, which is waiting until you have used the product more than once. Some even suggest using it for a month before doing a review because you can then tell how it would really work with and in your hair, body, gut...whatever the product may be. BUT, I am oh so excited about the results of my first use of this product that I just can't wait to use it again. Call me impatient but I gotta tell somebody!!!

Previously, I wrote that I was searching for alternatives to deal with my scalp itching so much and that one of the things I purchased was Head & Shoulder's Itchy Scalp Care. Well, I used it a couple of weeks ago and it was AMAZING! Not only was it amazing but my scalp didn't itch for four days after using it!!! This is a major feat people! I have washed my hair at 1 and would be digging in my scalp by 8, so to go beyond 24 hours is more than I expected.

So, what's the first thing I liked about this product? The Shampoo was creamy. Almost the consistency of some conditioners, like a lotion almost, and it felt like it was really working in my scalp as I was using it. I was a little disappointed because I expected a little tingle to take place and there was none. There is eucalyptus in the shampoo and conditioner and that's supposed to be one of the ingredients that's really helpful to your scalp, but I also thought it would make me feel a little something....it didn't. Then I went to use the conditioner which was creamier than the shampoo and I really expected the conditioner to be as creamy as the shampoo, not creamier, but that was a good thing and as soon as I started massaging that into my hair & scalp...HELLO TINGLE! It was refreshing and felt really good. If I could have sat for hours with that conditioner on my head I would have (lol). My head loved the product and I'm going to use it again....and again...and again.

Also, in my alternative post I mentioned that I bought tea tree oil, as some people had advised me that it was also good for dealing with itchy scalp issues from a number of causes. Not knowing what actually causes my itchy scalp, other than the possibility of eczema, which I have on other parts of my body, I thought that maybe that would help too. Well, I have been using that for a little while now and I can't really tell a difference in my scalp from that alone. I'm sure it is benefiting my scalp in other ways (that I haven't looked into yet) but for the purpose of healing my itchy scalp issues, it hasn't proven itself to be something that would work on its own. I have, however, added it to my pre-poo hot oil treatment container as well as my moisture spritz that I use on my hair during the week. I do happen to love the smell. I don't know why, but the medicinal aroma it has is pleasing to me.

That's all I have for today. I plan to do a growth post in the near future because I have a lot of hair on my head! This no heat-reduced manipulation-treating my hair good thing is proving to have great results. Who knows, if I had put more effort into these kinds of things while I was processed I may have had a completely different experience over the last five or six years....but oh well. I'm not going back!

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