October 28, 2011

Okay I am oh so late, but I'm here!! Sixteen months relaxer free and one and a half months au naturale!!

I'm in love with my hair (insert Target theme song here*)! I have been saying over and over again that this not the hair I remember from my childhood and that hormones are a good thing!! I love touching it! Fluffing it! Washing it! I'm just loving it!

And OMG my hair has grown so much!!! I never expected this much growth in what seems to be such a short amount of time, but from my BC to now, its been growing like weeds! Check out the "Jackson Fro!"

So, how have I been wearing my hair? I wore a puff after I took out my comb twists that were styled  by my friend Kenyada at her salon. I must say, the first time I wore the puff, I was so timid and unsure about it because, even though I had been transitioning for 15 months, I've been a "have a lil curl" girl. I hadn't worn any puff-type styles while I was transitioning so I was a little bit scared about the fist puff. But last week, a month after the fist puff, I sported one again and I was bold with it! I felt much more confident about it. 

Puff #1

Puff #2 (Result of 4-day old mini twist-out below)
My primary style has been mini twists. I've worn them for a week or two at a time and would do a twist out for a couple of days in between.

Mini Twist-Out

Here's what I love about the mini twists: They are durable! No muss, no fuss. I can work out out and rinse the sweat out of them. i can wet them daily and put some oil in my hair to seal in the moisture. I have to admit, the first time I did them, like the puff, I was unsure. I didn't like the initial turnout because I had never done them before and it was new...I thought maybe a little too new. But they grew on me, and I got a lot of compliments on them...that always helps!

I'm considering doing a roller set in the near future so I can see how that goes now that I'm totally natural. I wanted to do it before the weather broke for winter, but I think winter has come about a month early because we barely broke 50 degrees in VA today. If I don't get to try it out now, I will just have to wait until spring because these dropping temps are not playing around and I don't want to risk damage to my lovely natural ends. Other than that, I think I'm going to keep it going with the mini-twists during the winter months, maybe with some flat twist styles in there to break up the monotony...if it starts to feel monotonous. Right now, it just feels great, and it may never really feel monotonous because I was a person who pretty much wore the same style every single day while I was processed. It was easy to achieve and maintain.... The twists are the same way. So, we'll see what the winter holds. I may just find some styles for them and leave the flat twists alone. I have plenty of time for variety. Its not like I'm going back to perms any time soon... or ever! Maybe I'll do one new style a season...Hmmmmmmm.


Miss Tamara said...

Welcome to the natural side! I love that your documenting the journey, just wait until you look back on these pictures a year from now! I remember my first time sporting a puff and how uneasy I felt, own it girl! I have learned that im alot more memorable with natural hair, you don't look like the crowd. I relaxed my hair for a minute about 6 yrs ago and I disliked looking like everyone else and all the daily maintenance. You look fabulous!

Tee Eee said...

Thank you so much Miss Tamera!! I think about when you cut your hair back in HH (hola!) and now I think "I shoulda followed her lead."