February 3, 2012

First Natural Rod Set

After weeks of saying how much I couldn't wait to see how my hair would do in a roller set now that I'm totally natural, I finally took the time to do a rod set.

First, let me say that I have NEVER had so many rods on my head at one time in my life!  But I was so focused on "small sections for smoother results" that I not only used all of the rods I had been using as a transitioner, but I had to open up another pack of 12.

How long did I have them on my head, you ask? All night long (cue Lionel Richie)!!! Yes, I slept in them. I find it odd that I really don't have the issues that some people have when I comes to sleeping in rods. I don't know if my mind & body revert to my childhood days or what, but I slept quite well in all those rods.  By the time I woke up, though, I had to take them out immediately because my head looked and felt like I had on a space helmet, lol.

Products Used
I began with doing a hot oil treatment the night before with some EVOO, Castor oil & rosemary essential oil. Please don't ask the benefits of the rosemary. I know it has benefits but I use it because rosemary is one of my favorite herbs and I absolutely adore the smell.  Anyway, I left the treatment in under a plastic cap overnight.  The next day I washed my hair with my Head & Shoulders itchy Scalp Formula shampoo & conditioner and did a deep conditioner also. I used my own leave in based on the kimmaytube recipe and detangled after applying the leave-in.  For the roller set I used the Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll.

The Results
See for yourself!

Here they are the day I took the rods out. Really tight curls!

Here they are 3 days later, headed to church

While I did like the end result, the curls were a lot tighter than I expected them to be. I think I will try a roller set with my clamp rollers next time  to see what I get from that. I'm also going to invest in some more flexi rods so I can use them on my whole dome too.

That's all for now folks! Be blessed!

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