January 11, 2013

Crochet for Christmas

Yes, this is a little late, but I've been getting used to being back at work after the holiday vacay.
Tis the season for crocheting!
For the past few years I have crocheted a gift for someone every year as a Christmas gift. Some years its been more than one person, other years, one was all I had time for. I have done a poor job of keeping track of what I crochet for folks. I have friends who do great jobs of keeping a picture diary/log of what they are doing, their progress and the finished product.
I really stink at doing that. LOL
Primarily because when I am crocheting for someone, its not for me , so I’m not thinking about keeping a log of it.  And in most cases, I don’t even remember what I made for whom a few months down the road.  I feel like that’s ok, because it wasn’t for me anyway.  But as I see the trend is to at least have a picture of the finished product to show people.  And I can understand that. After all, when you tell folks you can, and do, crochet they are more prone to believe you, or believe you are any good when you have something to show for it. Since the only things I manage to make for myself are hats and scarves, I guess the only way people will ever come to believe that I can do something else would be for me to have a picture of the finished product of what I make for other people.
So this year, I made my stepmother an octagonal afghan for Christmas.  I was going to upload a picture of it, but blogger isn't working properly to permit any new uploads today so I guess you'll see something next time, if I remember to take a picture before I give it away. Looks like the odds were not in my favor. LOL
Oh well, I tried.

I found a way around Blogger's issue! Here's the picture!!!

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