January 17, 2013

Gone Girl....

I am composing this post literally 3 minutes after finishing Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  It is 9:46 PM Wednesday night.

That’s the foremost thought I have in my head right now.
The second thought is that, Charnai, I love you, but I don’t think I want you to recommend books to me ANYMORE! Doggone psych major!
Now, why do I blame my wonderful cousin?  Because I had seen the book.  Had friends on Goodreads who read & rated the book. Book it was HER raving about the book over Thanksgiving that made me stop & pick it up from the library lease book section 7 days ago.
Now, after saying all of that, you may wonder if I liked the book. YES! But I am not really into suspense-filled, psychological mindf***s.  Movies? Maybe, but not really. I mean, I’m the chick who used to fast forward soap operas to get beyond the suspense-filled moments. So in written form, me no likey. Add to that the psychotic nature of the book. I should have hated it. But I didn’t (what is wrong with me?).
The first 216 pages dragged like a waterlogged dead body on a super-saturated shore being pulled by a skinny survivor with a bum leg & bad shoulder. Does that sound messed up to you????? THAT’S  where the novel has placed me mentally!  The pace picks up once the psycho bitch is brought into the story & you come to learn that everything she had done has been an elaborate, psychotic ruse to get back at her husband for basically falling out of love with her & her parents for wanting her.  CRAZY! Everything she did she justified as being their just desserts & saw as her way of getting some attention.
Psycho bitch
The hubby, after realizing it’s all an act, has to put on a show because the world thinks she’s a cheating murderer, when in fact he’s being framed. And when psycho comes home…he stays. Forever. CRAZY!!

I don’t know where Gillian Flynn got the inspiration for this novel. I mean, I can guess the “runaway bride” fiasco from a few years ago but, but to have made this whole story up on her own….she is twisted.  And I have a pretty twisted imagination, that I thoroughly enjoy, so it says something that that’s my take on it..and its not a good thing.

I don’t want to give away the whole story, but the bitch (character, not author) is PSYCHO! That’s all I can say.  I was reading the book thinking “this is why I think & rethink & rethink before considering putting my trust in people. Because there are people this crazy in the world.” I mean, if I were the wronged party, I wouldn’t trust a single person I knew. Every single person he’s ever known – his twin sister, mother in law, father in law, attorney, neighbors- believes he’s a killer at some point in the story. There is no way I’d be able to continue relationships with those people after they learn that it was all a lie & a set-up.  After my name was cleared I’d leave the country! I mean, there would be NOTHING left at home, so why stay.  But noooo he stays & continues to be a victim of her lies & agrees to forfeit the truth for the sake of her new lies & new craziness.
The book is nucking futs.
I’m going back to my paranormal & sci-fi and scattered romance.  No more psychotic suspense novels.
After I finished writing this, I watched Animaniacs for 2 hours in hopes that I wouldn’t dream about this crazy book anymore.

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