June 3, 2011

I Rocked A Shortie Doo

It was a last minute decision made on an empty stomach desperate for some bits of Chinese food to satisfy its lunch-time craving.  If I hadn't skipped breakfast, I never would have followed through with it, but I had, so I did. I had all these twists in my head that I'd put in a few days ago & put rods on the ends and just hadn't taken them down, but I didn't have time to do a twist out! What was I going to do?

This is what I did: I took out the rods and (after about 6 min of searching for a hat that I just wasn't going to find...I still haven't found it) walked out of the door sporting my, very short, roded twists.  I'm proud of myself for doing it because I have always had an issue with having short hair, or having hair that looked like it was short.  So to elect to come out with short-looking hair was a big step for me.

There are, of course, many things that I can find wrong with this decision, but I dare say those things have more to do with my issues than whether or not my hair was presentable in the way it was set. I didn't run into anyone I knew while I was out, I didn't get any weird looks, so it isn't even about how others saw me or what they thought. I just have to get used to this kind of thing because the fact of the matter is, my hair has been in this protective style all week and has had very little manipulation...which is what my hair needed in the first place.  And this turns what would be one style, into two...that's always a good thing because in the next couple of days I can take out the twists and wear it as a twist out.

Now...if I could only keep my hands out of my head! It feels sooo good!

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