January 1, 2012

Product Update

Since going natural I haven't really changed from any of the products I was suing while transitioning. I'm still loving the Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp formula and it is working wonders for my scalp. I have, however, changed the routine.

Since going natural, I still do a pre-poo hot oil treatment before washing my hair with a mix of olive oil, caster oil, jojoba oil and honey. I still spritz my hair with a little warm water, then put in the heated oil and let it sit under a plastic cap for at least an hour. I still shampoo with my H&S once. Its my conditioning routine that has changed.

Because I am not washing my hair weekly like I was while I was transitioning, I now deep condition every time I wash my hair, which is about every 2-3 weeks. Now, some people will think that's either too often, or not often enough, but here's why:

When I was transitioning I had to wash my hair weekly because it took a lot of product and work to get the finished product, so after a week, my hair was too weighted down by the products in my hair and my scalp itched sooo much I had to wash it, or co-wash it before changing styles for the next week. Now, if I didn't change styles, I could let it ride for more than a week, but most of the time my scalp was begging for a cleaning, so I cleaned it. Now that I'm 100% natural, not only do I not have as much product in my hair, but my scalp is not so much of an issue thanks to the oils and treatments I'm now using (tee-tree oil, H&S and daily moisturizing). So, when my scalp itches a lot in one day, or I see a couple of flakes, then I know its time to wash. But I don't have that many issue with flakes anymore...I find that interesting.

So, back to the routine. After washing, I condition with H&S itchy scalp conditioner and let that sit for about 5 minutes, then I deep condition, then detangle. It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't and it works well with my routine. I will say this, though: detangling take a lot more time and patience now that I'm all natural. Or maybe its just the patience that's bugging me. I'm quite heavy handed and I find myself taking even more care detangling now than when I was transitioning...which leads to more time spent detangling.

The other products I'm using are still the same. The Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie and eco styler gel. I did splurge and buy a small, but $22 worth, container of the Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding. I haven't popped the lid yet. Right now, its $22 worth of decor on my vanity. HA!

That's all for now folks. Be blessed!

Note: This post was created in October...and I forgot to post it. Oops

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