April 20, 2012


So, as most folks know, any time you walk into something new you look for others who are on the same path as you. Whether it be food, fitness, job, lifestyle or hair related.  I have previously mentioned a few of the channels that I follow on the YT and, while the channels are great and the ladies have a wealth of information to give out and much of is is beneficial in one way or another, their hair textures were nothing like mine.  Even some of my most recent finds (although, I don't know what texture AfricanExport has..she is the wig DIVA) have beautiful natural hair and have been in the game for a while, but they aren't like me.  And no matter what we say...we are always looking for someone who is like us.

Anywho, I had mentioned to stylist Karen Wilson (karenwilsonbeauty.com) a few days ago that the wash and go was not for me. My hair is so tightly coiled, especially in the back, that allowing it "do its own thang" or trying to make it "do my thang" and letting it dry without being twisted or braided is a disaster waiting to happen.  And I don't think I have the chutzpa to put as much product in my hair that would be needed for a good look on any "wash and..." style. It is what it is and its better to face it and move on to the next thing than try over and over again to only be frustrated, right. Plus, my shrinkage is so ridiculous that by the time it finished drying it would look like I had a TWA. lol.

BTW, I really don't mind the shrinkage! I don't know if I've said this before but I have always been the chick with short hair by design, not by choice, and I want my hair to grow longer and healthier. That's one of the reasons I went natural. Who woulda thunk that someone with that desire and that goal would come to not mind (and actually enjoy) shrinkage?! I mean, its the most deceiving thing! Its just great! I can be in a hair funk and think that my hair is so short & it hasn't grown any, then, I stretch it out and like...POW! Then I can say "so that's how long it is!" Its just great.

So, back to YT channels and someone like me (I'm all over the place today), I happened upon Dawnyele's channel. Guess what! She's like me! Super tightly coiled hair that she nurtures and does good stuff for. I just found her so I'll be able to spend the next few weeks perusing her vids from past to present, but I am so exciting to have found someone who seems to be like me on the YT.

In other news, I ordered some hair and body moisture lotion from Reve' Essentials today after seeing so many positive reviews on YT about it (denimpixie loved it...it made her sing a lil bit, lol). I plan to hold on to it for the winter months because it doesn't have any glycerin in it and I am super low on glycerin-free hair products...like, I hardly have any, so after debating for a couple of hours, I went ahead and bought it. Like I said...the YT customer reviews were great.

Oh, I also got my hair trimmed! That's why I went to see Karen Wilson...but you know what, I'll save that for another post.


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