August 16, 2012

Jazz Fest 2012 part 3...Day 2- The Finale'

On to  Day 2!

Sunday was another day on my feet and it was HOT y’all!!! I mean…hot! And the sun was bright with hardly any cloud cover. A huge change from the day before.

But hot or not, I was still on my feet & still partying!  John Pizzarelli came out and gave a wonderful show.  Then came Najee, who started his set on the ground with us and making his way through the crowd.  Two whole songs…Najee and the people! It was wundebar!!!  Then, I got a pic of Najee and me!!!

Soooo Dave Koz & George Benson didn’t have M&G’s, but that didn’t surprise me as they were the major headliners.  I got plenty of pics of them in performance and that works for me!!!

Dave Playing...this man, like I said, moves constantly! I got more pics w/my dad's camera...those will be for ME!

George playing

George singing

Overall, the jazz fest was amazing! There was only one major down point…the local press. You would have thought they were in CA or NY taken pics of celebs to sell to rags.  They were abundantly rude and ridiculous! One chick bogarted her way into the crowd while George was playing without muttering a single “excuse me” or asking folks to move out of her way, then planted herself in front of someone who was much shorter than her! When the lady advised the overzealous giraffe of a photog that she couldn’t see, the bitch said “I’m press” and totally dismissed the girl!!!! After I informed her, very loudly (George was playing after all), that her press pass was not a BITCH BADGE…and she could only get pics of the monitor from where she was standing, she moved out of the girls way, but I’m like…seriously though?!  And the majority of the press folk were like that. So, needless to say…I have no respect for them anymore.  I mean, my step-dad was a photographer and he was never that ugly.  Other than those jerk wads, the other people who were there were really nice and personable.  And everyone really worked with and around each other in a respectful manner…except for the press.

So, that’s all I have to say for this year’s jazz fest.  I absolutely can’t wait until next year! I had the best time.  I danced for hours, spent time with family and friends & had 2 days where absolutely nothing could bring me down! And nothing did…not even the bitch from the press. LOL.

Now, as for my hair, as you can see I had it twisted in mini twists. The goal was to keep them in for 3 weeks...I barely made it a week and a half. All that sweating and rain & humidity had my scalp growling! The lesson: I may never have mini twists in for 2 weeks. LOL


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