August 27, 2012

My Transition Lessons: Patience Is Key

This is the final installment of my transition lesson series, and I cannot tell you how important it was for me to learn this while I was transitioning.  

This was the key: I could not make my hair grow any faster than it was going to grow. 

This was/is the problem: I am not the most patient person.  I have a reputation for being extremely impatient. I’m REALLY good at being impatient. 

So what I had to do was find ways to entertain myself so that I wasn’t always thinking about my hair because the fact of the matter is, as I have stated before, you hair isn’t going to grow faster just because you want it to and there is no product that can make your hair grow any faster than its going to grow. So no matter what you do, your growth is going to pretty much be the same from month to month. So you have to do things to take your focus off your hair length.  Experiment with styles. I went through a period where I was doing a different style every week or two depending on when I washed my hair. My go-to style was a roller set but I played around a lot & that is what helped the 15 months of transitioning fly by.  Before I knew it, my hair was saying “I need to be chopped woman!”

Also, keep in mind that, while you're using the resources available to you, that a lot of the videos you will find that have a lot of views or sites you will find that have a lot of feedback, show people who have been natural for a long time. So their hair may be longer than yours.  Even if you look at someones video or blog post that was done when they were pretty much at the same point that you are, how their hair grows would be different than yours. I don't know about other people, but I had to keep reminding myself that the folks I was watching had been natural for over a year, or had been transitioning for many months when they recorded the video I may have been watching at the time. Add to that the fact that their hair is not mine, how they treat their hair would be different from how I treated mine & a plethora or other variables were in place that would affect how their hair grew in relationship to mine. So I had to make myself focus more on the information than the length of their hair. It took some time to get there, but once I got there, I was good to go.

So be patient. And remember that the only way to quickly get through the transitioning process is to big chop. So if you're not ready for that, pump your breaks, slow your roll, chill get the picture.

Happy transitioning!!!


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