August 7, 2012

My Transition Lessons: Use the Resources Available to You

I cannot stress this enough.  In today’s world of technology, there is absolutely no reason for someone to do anything without having some additional information to help them in their journey.  Yes you can talk to friends and professionals, but good grief! With Google & YouTube…there is so much information at your fingertips!  All you have to do is search for it, and take the time to look through it. To make your journey your own, you really should research by getting multiple opinions and ideas so you can filter what you want to take, and what you don't think will work for you.  And depending on where you are on your journey will determine what/who does & doesn't work for you.

I have found folks on YouTube and at the beginning of my journey, they were either TMI, or just not what I was looking for. Now, I subscribe to just about all of the ones that I once thought were TMI. As I have continued on my journey I have found more bloggers & vloggers who seem to have hair textures closer to mine, whereas, when I was transitioning, I didn't what the heck my texture was going to look like, so I couldn't figure out who or what to look for, so I looked for those who had good information presented in a concise manner & that's what I went with. But now, almost a year after my BC, I have found blogs, vlogs, books, websites and communities full of natural hair insight and information simply by searching Google and YouTube. You can get all the information you could ever want through a computer, smart phone or tablet.

Don’t be unaware when you don’t have to be. And that's with anything. Not just your hair journey.

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