September 10, 2012

Products All Over the Place!

Products here, products there
I've got products everywhere

Product, product, product galore
I don't think I need anymore

That pretty much says it all. After putting away my product haul from the Return of the Curls Hair Expo I came to the realization that I have a LOT of hair products. Especially considering I walked into the natural lifestyle determined not to succumb to the life of a product junkie. Who knows when I'm going to get to use them all?! I sure don't know HOW I'm going to use them all. Then, add to that the fact that I've started experimenting with making my own products. While I like experimenting with other brands from the truth is, they pretty much all work the same, or serve the same purpose, some with better results than others.

Since getting into the natural hair game, I have started making some of my own styling products, thanks to the gurus on YouTube.  And after examining the financial output to continue to purchase products for styling, I realize that it would be much cheaper for me to simple invest in making my own on a permanent basis.  That isn't to say that I won't use what I have purchased.  And, since I lost an entire container of my shea butter mix to the 100+ degree heat in July while packing for a brief journey, I don't think I'll be traveling with my homemade concoctions. Plus, when doing protective styles, I like to use the purchased products for the initial styling and use my mixes as moisturizers throughout.

So check it, here's the difference. With ordering the ivory/white shea butter online, using the oils I always have on hand at home & typically have to replenish once or twice a year, not to mention the essential oils & fragrance oils I have plenty of (even though I'm going to buy a stock of fruity scents very soon), it would really work better for me, cost wise, to make my own and have that be my primary source of styling products, at least at home. When I first started making my own shea butter mix, I didn't think it would really work for my hair as a styling agent and I didn't expect what seemed like so little, to last so long. I've bought 2 of the yellow shea butter bins that are available at my local BSS and I have still have just under 1.5 of it left..and that's after 1/2 of it melted in my car!! Truly, a little goes a long way.

Yep...I think I'm done buying styling products, and I am sure that, in the long run, my pocketbook will thank me and, possibly, in the short run, some of my natural friends might appreciate some free product....if I choose to give some of my stylers away.


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