September 26, 2012

A Mane Discovery

Sooo, last month I made the most interesting, and maybe the most exciting, discovery in my natural journey. What is that discovery you ask?
Now, this may sound a little ridiculous, so let me give you some background.  I have stated in previous posts about my decision to go natural that I had a lot of breakage and shedding when I was processed. To the point where it seemed like my hair was being cut when, in fact, not a single shear had touched it.  This is something that was a part of my hair life for years.  So long that I thought it was something that everybody went through.
I remember talking to people while at work and, those who were friends with me & not just coworkers, would swipe the hair off my back for me that was just laying there. Mind you, I would shake and use a lint remover to get the hair off the back of my shirt before I left the house…and I didn’t do my hair after leaving home. Very rarely did I have a need to comb through my hair after initially curling it or unwrapping it in the morning.  I had gotten so used to my hair being swiped off by friends and family during conversations that I stopped thinking about it.  After all, it was a normal occurrence for me.
But it was not normal for my friends and family.
I didn’t realize that until this past weekend, when talking to a friend of mine & her husband and she was telling her husband about how bad my hair used to break off when I was processed. I had no idea that anyone else was paying attention to that!  I wasn’t the least bit offended by it, but it made me realize that, even though I was working to ignore the issue at that time, probably the majority of the people in my circle of friends and beyond knew what the deal was.
Now, cut to later in the day, after we went to the movies (saw ParaNorman…totally enjoyed it), I went to an event held by my friend at her salon All Tressed Up (, called Sassy Saturday.  During that event most of the women there shared info and learned info from Kenyada and the two of the sisters (biological sisters) of Epic Curls Boutique ( about how to care for your hair based on what your hair needs due to its texture, porosity, elasticity and so on. One of the exercises we did during the event was a porosity test. For this test, you needed a strand of hair.  Well, me being someone who doesn’t like scissors, Lord knows I didn’t want to pull out a piece of hair from my scalp, so I figured I’d run my fingers through my hair to get a shed strand or two to do the test. That way, I wouldn't have been losing anything other that what was due to come out anyway.
It took almost 3 min for me to get a shed hair that was thick enough (not baby hair) to use for the test.  And even in that 3 min time frame, the ONE baby hair that came out of the back was the only ONE that would separate from my scalp.  I was AMAZED! To go from having hair shed without anyone touching my hair, to running my hands through my mane, shaking my strands, massaging my scalp for, what seemed like, FOREVER to get a single strand of hair to appear on my hand is a major, phenomenal development from just over 2 years ago!
Just another experience to let me know that I did the right thing for my hair in going natural. I love when I make the RIGHT decision for me!

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