October 22, 2012

What to do, What to do...

OK, so I've been away for a while.  Almost a month. I was trying to think about where I wanted this blog to go since I'm no longer transitioning and I'm out of my 1st year of being natural.

Then, this weekend it hit me...this is my blog. I can take it where ever I wanna! LOL But, then I still have the question of what to do. I have to give myself credit for being as focused as I was with pretty much sticking to a main focus because the truth of the matter is, I can be all over the place from time to time and my mind is always going a mile a minute & there are many things that I like to do and some things that I don't get to finish.

I prefer to call it being an expert at multi-tasking.

If I were a kid, it would be called ADD.

So, what's this entry going to be about? One of my favorite past times...TV. The Fall season has started and there are a lot of new shows that have come out. Some of them good, some of them, not so much. Truth be told, for the new shows that I watched, that should appeal to me...none of them had any staying power for my TV viewing schedule. I'm pretty much sticking to the same schedule I had last season.

Beauty & the Beast: I miss the old version with Ron Pearlman and Linda Hamilton. The only thing the pilot episode did was make me want to go to my mom's house and "borrow" the DVD set I bought for her. Then I thought that I may just need to buy the seasons on DVD for myself.  Here's the issue with making over a story that nothing was wrong with in the first place: YOU MESS IT UP!!!! I was so turned off by it that I didn't even watch the 2nd episode. Because I watch a lot of paranormal/sci-fi movies & shows & read a lot of those books, I was comparing the story not only to the original Beauty & the Beast series, but to other movies as well. I kept referring to the army group that created the experiment Vincent participated in as The Umbrella Corporation...from Resident Evil...I couldn't tell you what the name of the group is, but it sounded like Muir-Muir (I'm sure I spelled that wrong)....you know...Thor's hammer.  By the time Vampire Diaries ended & it was time for episode 2, I watched about 30 seconds and turned the TV off and picked up a book.

Arrow: Sucked. That it all. Again, so many things pulled from other stories. The actor who plays the lead seems very stilted and I can't tell if that's bad acting or how the character is supposed to be & on the pilot episode, too much drama is put into play. His ex hates him, but doesn't really & has been dating his BFF who is doing something behind his back b/c he faked being knocked out when they were kidnapped.  His mother is behind him being kidnapped and he came home from 5 years on an island with all this kick-ass training....FROM WHO!?! Whose ass were you kicking on a deserted island? Did you learn that from the bears? I'm sure the goal was to get folks to ask questions and wonder who he's going to fight or take down next, but come on...I can watch Revenge for that.

Partners: Will & Grace retooled. I can't remember how I summed it up exactly when I posted about it on my Facebook page, but basically, its Will & Grace with being straight, Grace is Jack, and Karen & Rosario have been combined into an irreverent receptionists. I watched it because the guy from Ugly Betty is on there (he's Grace-Jack) and I liked him on UB and Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill is on there. But neither actor is enough to keep me watching another remake...when Will & Grace is playing in syndication on Lifetime every day.

I think that's it for the new shows I've tuned into this Fall season. The good news? My DVR won't be getting any fatter than usual this year. The bad news? They cancelled Ringer! I loved that show. But I knew it wasn't going to last because they were giving moving so fast in the plot. It felt like they were trying to finish the story, not develop it into something more. I guess I'll have to pull out the Buffy DVD set (seasons 1-7) to continue to see Sarah Michelle Gellar in action.

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