October 31, 2012

Sassy Saturday

Oh Em Geeeee! I had one of the funnest Saturdays ever this past weekend!

My dear friend Kenyada had yet another Sassy Saturday event through her salon and wellness liaison (yeah, I added that last part) All Tressed Up (www.alltressedup.net).  this month's event was OMG big, informative and fun.

We started with an info session with Angela Elizabeth, owner of the Holistic Academy (www.theholisticacademy.org).  I will say this as an explanation of how this session went: Angela is a biologist who teaches & who also used to be pharmaceutical practitioner...she is all biology. I suck at biology. I took it three times (high school & 2 parts in college). I made a solid C every single time...but everything Angela shared, because of how she shared it, was clear & understandable for me. That's saying something y'all!!!!  She had so much information in that seemingly small head of hers that she shared about holistic remedies and alternatives for cleansing, detoxing and the aftermath, as well as the science behind why holistic remedies and the holistic lifestyle works.  She also shared her testimony as to how it changed her life.

So, while Sis Angela shared all of that information...we age. And we ate vegan. Yes, I said it, VEGAN. A delicious vegan meal (including bread, y'all) was prepared by Maat Free, owner of Vegi Luv (www.vegiluv.com).  The food was delicious.  Especially the cornbread...Loooord! For those of you who know me, you know bread is my Jell-o...there's always room for it!  That cornbread was oh so awesome.  We also had Goddess Black Beans & rice as well as a very tasty kale salad.  It was filling and delicious.  Maat offers wonderful services through her company so if you are looking to change your lifestyle, even for only a little while, please check out her site and hit her up.  She takes away all the guess work. Bump Jenny, give Maat a try.

Finally, we had a salsa lesson! A full on, one hour class given by the Latin Vintage Productions dance studio right upstairs from Kenyada's shop (www.latinvintage.com).  We had a great time dancing, laughing & working off that lunch.

Kenyada is making it a habit to have fun, informative sessions and each one gets better and batter!  The cost for this month's event was $20.00 and it was worth every penny.  If you are in or near RVA and have not had a chance to check out an All Tressed Up event, you are missing out.  But you can visit her site and sign up for email notifications so you can be in the loop. Because trust me when I say, Saturdays are better SASSY!

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Lady Kinnks said...

I agree - it was an awesome program!!