November 6, 2012

Review Time

OK, here we go. I've been using a few new products lately and I feel that I have used them enough to give them an honest review. I'm only going to review the few I have used repeatedly. There will still be more to come.

First, I need to change my review of the Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave-In. I don't know if I posted about it here or on FB or just talked about it, but it is no longer magic for my mane. It isn't thick enough. I don't know if I should have shaken it up more in the beginning & I used all the good mojo the 1st couple of times or because its colder now it just isn't doing the job or what, but after the last few washes, I can sadly say that the search for a compatible, ready-made leave-in conditioner continues.

Second, I'm going to retract a tad bit (just a lil y'all) about my statement that I'm not going to buy any more products. Why? Because I finally tried the line Koils By Nature that one of my YT vloggers raves about.  The product that I purchased, which was the Nourishing Hair & Body Butter in the scent of Tropical Splendor was HEAVEN IN MY HAIR! From the way it had my hair feeling to the smell to the consistency...yep. I think I'll definitely be buying this product again.

On a sad note, the YT vlogger who pointed me in the direction of KBN, Dawnyele, tragically passed away in her 8th month of pregnancy due to a heart attack They were able to save her son, but needless to say, her passing has rocked many of us in the natural hair community who followed her videos & FB fan page. As someone who has been following her for about 10 months, I must say that I am so glad I found her & was able to experience her enjoyment, information & love of her life. I still can't believe she isn't here and that I won't be seeing anymore video updates from her, but I know her husband & 8yr old son & her friends & fellow vloggers & naturalists are mourning deeply the loss of a wonderful person.  R.I.P. Dawnyele.

Also, I tried the Organix line coconut shampoo & conditioner. I really liked the conditioner, but didn't care for the shampoo. The shampoo was really glob-like in consistency & felt snottish in my hands. That's not something I want to just isn't. As far as cleansing. I felt like I had to use a lot of it because of the consistency. It would glop out of my hands to the shower floor as I was trying to rub it between my hands. It was not sexy at all. And my hair felt really squeaky after using it. And that was over top of my hot oil pre-poo treatment.  The conditioner however was great. It too had a a thick consistency but it was creamy and felt nourishing, not overly stripping. I did have to use a lot of it because it didn't have the best slip for detangling with what would be the typical amount of conditioner I would use, but I did like it. Whether or not I'll buy it again remains to be seen. I could just stick to my Head & Shoulders in the end.

Two more to go...

The last two are both curling creams/puddings that I have had for a while & JUST started using. The first is the Roots of Nature Mango & Cupuacu Butter whip coil cream. I have not used this for wash & go's as the product states is is made for, but instead used it for mini twists. I really liked it the product. It has a butter/lotion consistency, not the best smell (I can't really describe doesn't stink, though) and left my hair feeling very moisturized even with me working out each day. For me, its a good product that's available in many beauty supply stores or beauty aisles in mainstream stores, for keeping moisture in your hair.

Then you have the Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding. Again, not a bad product & it certainly does what it says it would do. Its at a lower price point than the Roots of Nature but it also has a few undesirables on the ingredient list. Pretty much, both products do the same thing. Its just a matter of what you want to pay to get the job done & how you want your hair to feel in the long run.

When push comes to shove on the future of styling products, if I'm not making my own, I'll be buying Koils By Nature.


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