November 27, 2012

Haperry Thanksnmas

Seriously though, does Thanksgiving even exist anymore?

Yes, its a holiday. Yes, we get time off to spend with family and eat, but seriously, the world goes from Halloween to Christmas. There is no Thanksgiving anymore.

Where it used to be that you didn't hear Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving, it started playing right after October 31st this year! Where networks used to begin their holiday programming and movies on the day after Thanksgiving, now you have: Countdown to the 25 days of Christmas and the like...that start on November 1.

I love Christmas. Its one of my favorite holidays, but seriously...November 1st is pretty damn early to begin celebrating.  One of the things that make holidays so special is that they don't last for months at a time. They have a specific time frame. When it comes, its there. When its over, you get to look forward to it later. But the way its been going this year, it would be sensory overload if I didn't restrict my own viewing and listening.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can enjoy the Christmas holiday season. In other words, now I can tune into Lite 98 on iHeart radio.

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