December 4, 2012

When Worlds Collide

In today’s entertainment the majority of “new” movies are remakes. It’s sad to say, but the truth is the truth.  There are so many movies that come out & they seem new..until you google them and, surprise-surprise, they’ve been done before.  While I would love to look at it on the same level of the revival of Broadway musicals, I just can’t.  Partly because the Broadway musical can only be seen on Broadway. Not VHS, DVD or blu-ray.  In fact, the only thing that is logged for enjoying over & over again from Broadway is the musical soundtrack.  And, I can’t get over the fact that, with all the money that is put into a movie, Hollywood financiers are ready & willing to pour their duckies into a movie that already been done & can, sometimes, be seen for free OnDemand.  Ugh!  What has happened to the imagination in Hollywood? It’s so sad. 

And now, that’s even transferred over to TV where some shows are just retooled shows of yester year. Like the whole new Beauty & the Beast that just pales in comparison (in my opinion) to the one with Linda Hamilton & Ron Pearlman.  For someone who enjoys TV & movies, this whole recycle trend can be a major let down.

But thank God for books!

Now, books more and more books are being made into movies. Not just new books either. You have the Narnia series, the Hobbit & LOTR series too, that are books from many years ago that have been put into movie form. Thank goodness.

Because writers seem to have the bulk of the imagination these days, more & more books that are series, and some that are not, are being optioned for movies. Because of that, there’s more to read and more to watch.  Again…Thank God. I’d be missing out on tons of movie theater popcorn if it wasn’t for books.

And I needs my popcorn.

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